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Family Photo Albums
Picture Us Productions produces top quality interactive family photo albums on DVD/VCD2 or CD ROM!
Each disk can have multiple photo albums with a different soundtrack to each album
A custom designed user friendly menu to suit personal taste or style is included for easy access to all albums contained on the disk.

Picture Us Productions creates special effects that really enhance your photo album! We also include 2 Live Photo's on each disk! Imagine seeing a photo of yourself, a loved one, family member or even your pet, virtually come to life and host your photo album! Download our free Live Photo "Angry Baby" demo and see what's so special about our Live Photo's - "You'll love 'em!"

System Requirements for VCD2
Playable on all DVD players that are VCD-2.0 compatible, and support playing CD-R or CD-RW media. Most DVD players will work fine. Similarly, all VCD players that support CD-R or CD-RW media will work fine.
System Requirements for CD ROM
Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
Full screen viewing
Synchronised soundtracks - (see soundtrack list or supply own)
Stunning effects and transitions
User friendly menu
Email or print photo's direct from disk!
Family Photo Albums - Private Price List

Photo Album



User friendly menu
50 photo's per album - 500 max!
Soundtrack to each album
Transitions between images
Basic design & layout
2 Live Photo's

$300.00au (max 500 photo's)



Live Photo


Choice of photo
Choice of real voice or text speech
Photo talks with realistic mouth, eyes and face movements



Extra CD ROM copies are available at $30.00 each.
Commercial prices available upon request

More info - Click Here

Phone: *61 0414 458 425


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