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DVD/VCD2 & CD ROM Production Packages
Picture Us Productions produces professional hi quality Picture Shows, Photo Albums, Presentations, Portfolio's, Memoirs, etc... on DVD/VCD2 from your photo's at affordable realistic prices!
Working from your photo's, we fully enhance, correct colours, apply filters, retouch and remove scratches, spots, noise, etc., - bringing your photo's back to life. No matter if your photo's are suffering from age, bad light, brightness, poor contrast, very dull, etc., our advanced enhancing techniques will correct all, leaving your photo's displayed at full screen on your TV set in outstanding hi resolution true colour!
With three main styles to choose from, we can present your photo albums on your TV screen as a Picture Show, Music Video Clip, or Photo Album.
Picture Shows are sets of photo's taken in series format and display with movement between photo's, within an attractive theme. Total Picture Show is synchronised to soundtracks and displayed with effects and transitions. - Available DVD or CD-ROM
Music Video Clips are sets of photo's arranged at random and displayed with stunning random transitional effects between photo changes. Each photo changes to the beat of a synchronised soundtrack. - Available DVD only!
Photo Albums are sets of photo's arranged in much the same format as you would a hardcopy album. More like a slideshow, with each photo being displayed for longer periods of time with a "peel" transition between each photo. Photo's are displayed in multiple album format with access via an attractive user friendly menu. Each photo can be paused from the DVD remote control as all remote features are active. - Available DVD or CD-ROM
Picture Us Productions strives on excellence and quality, producing hi quality true colour productions and presentations that stand out from the rest. Let us take your cherished memories and bring them to life - for life!

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