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Wedding Picture Show Packages On DVD
Your wedding day is filled with memories that you'll want to keep for a lifetime including irreplaceable moments, toasts and laughs unseen by you on this unforgettable day. And they're all available in an instant!
Don't pay good money for amateur looking VHS tapes of your special day. You want to really cherish these type of memories - poor quality could never achieve this!
We work from your original photo's ( prints or proofs ) bringing them to a very hi quality resolution and displayed in true colour. There is no video conversion required, therefore no generation loss in quality. Your photo's actually appear in better quality than the originals!
Although quality is an important element in any video production, creativity can make the difference between a video and a great video. Picture Us Productions can create a theme to give you a wedding DVD that will capture the imagination of the day. We arrange your photo's to appear as a story/movie complete with synchronised soundtracks and effects that reflects your taste and ideas. We even create movement between photo's with a smooth transitional effect producing a true movie style production.
And for the more traditional types, we can also offer a complete wedding album on DVD or CD ROM diplayed as a true album. Each photo can be viewed individually, full screen size on your TV or computer screen with synchronised soundtracks and attractive background.
Wedding Packages - Private Price List




Personalised intro
Custom design and theme
1 Scene
1 Soundtrack

40 photos maximum





Personalised intro
Customised design and layout
3 or more scenes
1 soundtrack per scene

As many photos as you like (30/40 photos to each scene)

$400.00au - $130.00au each scene thereafter





Personalised intro
Wedding video on VCD2 (DVD playable)
Professional overview of whole wedding produced with combination of photo's, digital video footage and soundtrack. - Video footage can contain actual exchange of vows with bride and groom speaking. If your planning on ordering a video of your wedding, then this one's worth looking at!
Special movie effects and transitions
Synchronised soundtrack



Extra DVD copies are available at $40.00 each.
  Commercial prices available upon request

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